If the questions you’re looking to be answered can’t be found here, there are several ways to contact AboutAbilify.com and we’d love to help.

Who is AboutAbilify.com?

You can find more information on AboutAbilify.com by reading the About Us page.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to buy Abilify online at AboutAbilify.com?

Yes. We are an actual store front pharmacy located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and follow all rules and regulations required to operate legally.

We cannot fill any orders without a valid doctor’s prescription.

How do I place an order with AboutAbilify.com?

You need a valid doctor’s prescription to order from us. The ordering process is pretty simple! There are 3 ways you can order:

  1. Online. From our Prices page, select the dosage and quantity you’d like to purchase. Add it to your shopping cart and hit the ‘Checkout” button. As you go through the checkout process, you’ll need to enter some health, personal and credit card information. This might take 5 minutes of your time. Once you’ve completed the online order form, hit the “Submit” button and then send us a copy of your prescription via email, fax or regular post.
  2. Print the order forms, fill them out and email, fax or regular post them to us along with a copy of your prescription.
  3. By telephone. Call us Toll Free at 1-800-745-5731 and we’ll fill out the forms for you! Then you just need to email, fax or regular post your prescription to us.

We’ll call you when we receive your prescription and your order, just so you know we’ve got it.

Once we’ve received your order and prescription, we’ll fill and ship it within 24 hours (Monday through Friday) and you’ll see it in 10-14 days.

How long will it take to receive my Abilify?

After we’ve received all of your information, it will be 10-14 days before it’s delivered to you. Our average times are around 7 business days, but please allow delays due to post holidays and peak seasons. We suggest you review the AboutAblify.com shipping policy for complete details.

Why do Americans order Abilify from Canada?

Canadian prescription medicines are approved by Health Canada, the equivalent to the FDA. Health Canada meets or exceeds all FDA Standards. This means that all medications purchased from a Canadian Pharmacy are just as good as those purchased in The United States. Only trained and licensed professional Pharmacists and Technicians can dispense prescriptions. All pharmacies must be licensed by local governing bodies.

Buying Abilify from AboutAbilify.com saves our American customers from 66% to 73% off of USA pharmacy prices!

Our Web site is part of a real, walk-in pharmacy in Vancouver, BC, Canada and all orders are filled by licensed Canadian pharmacists or licensed pharmacy technicians.

All medications dispensed by AboutAbilify.com are approved and regulated by Health Canada which meets and or exceeds standards set by The USFDA.

Brand name Abilify purchased in Canada is identical to the brand name Abilify purchased in The USA.

Is Aripiprazole (generic Abilify) available in Canada?

No, not at this time. The patent for Abilify expires in the USA in April, 2015. That’s currently the earliest date a generic version of Abilify could be available on USA pharmacy shelves. However, generics typically become available in Canada before the US. When a Canadian Generics manufacturer begins production of Aripiprazole, we’ll begin carrying it on this Web site.

Why are your Abilify prices so low?

Simple. In the USA, the drug manufacturers control drug pricing, without intervention from the US Government or the USFDA. In Canada, drug prices are controlled by Health Canada, not the manufacturers. Typical brand name medications in Canada are on average about 50% cheaper than the USA.

Are all Canadian drugs cheaper than in The USA?

No. Most of the brand names and generic versions are, but there are exceptions. Generally speaking, drugs new to the market are cheaper in Canada. As well as drugs for mental health disorders.

Is the quality of Canadian medications better than American?

No. They would be equal at the very least. Most of the brand name medications are made in the exact same facilities, regardless of where they’re purchased from. Both Canada and the USA have strict requirements for manufacturing prescription medications.

How do you fill a prescription from my American doctor?

As a Canadian pharmacy, we must follow all regulations. We can fill your American prescription after it’s been co-signed by a Canadian doctor. We have some doctors on staff that review all of the health information you include in your order form and sign your prescription so we can legally fill it. Without a Canadian doctor’s signature, we could not fill and prescriptions coming from outside of the Canada. This service is included free of charge to you!

How much I can buy at one time?

You can purchase up to a 3-month supply. This is the maximum the FDA will allow you to import in one shipment. Most customers have their doctors write a prescription for a one year period. We can send refills every 3 months.

What is your dispensing fee?

Nothing! We do not charge you any dispensing fee.

What other fees must I pay to purchase from AboutAbilify.com?

None. All you pay is the price you see. No hidden fees or charges at AboutAbilify.com!

Does AboutAbilify.com accept any insurance policies?

Sorry, no. USA insurance companies do not accept Canadian Pharmacy claims.

How do I pay for my Abilify order?

AboutAbilify.com accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards.

We also accept certified checks, money orders and personal checks, made payable to Canadian Prescription Savers but this will delay your order an additional 7 days due to check clearing/processing times.

If you wish to pay for your Abilify by any form of check and require more information, please call or email AboutAbilify.com.

What is your return policy?

By law, we cannot accept returns on prescription medications. This is to prevent possible tampering of product. We do however reimburse any orders shipped in error.