Who Makes Abilify?

When buying prescription medications, it’s extremely important to know who makes Abilify! Don’t gamble with your health!

Who Makes Abilify?

The Abilify manufacturer is Otsuka America Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Is it important to know who makes Abilify?

Yes, it could be important to know who the manufacturer of Abilify is. If you’re buying your Abilify online, and the Abilify manufacturer shown is not Otsuka or Bristol-Myers, then it’s not the patented brand name available in The USA or Canada.

There are other manufacturers of Abilify, but they could be using the Abilify trade name illegally. Only Otsuka and Bristol-Myers Squibb are legally allowed to use the “Abilify” trade or brand name and only they are the legally entitled Abilify manufacturers.

There are several pharmaceutical companies that manufacture Abilify’s generic version, Aripiprazole, but can’t use the Abilify brand name.

Knowing who makes Abilify can help you ensure you’re getting quality medication.

What if I see a different manufacturer of Abilify?

If a seller claims it’s a company other than Otsuka or Bristol-Myers who makes Abilify, then again, be suspicious and purchase elsewhere.

If a seller can’t tell you who makes Abilify, then do not purchase from them.

It’s important to note that if anyone other than the licensed manufacturer of Abilify is making claims that they manufacture Abilify, then they are operating illegally and probably manufacturing counterfeit Abilify.

Does the Manufacturer of Abilify matter?

Yes. If the Abilify manufacturer is using the Abilify name and is not the licensed manufacturer of Abilify, then they are operating illegally and therefore, the “Abilify” is counterfeit.
Buying any product from anyone illegally using brand or trade names is not a good idea. The product good be substandard and or completely fake.