Abilify 2 mg tablet

How can I tell if I have an Abilify 2 mg tablet?

Abilify (aripiprazole) 2 mg dosage is a green colored tablet in the shape of a modified rectangle.

The markings on the 2 mg Abilify tablet show as “A-006” and “2”

Abilify 2 mg tablets come in a manufacturer bottle size of 30 tablets.

The NDC (National Drug Code) for Abilify 2 mg tablets is 59148-006-1

What is Abilify 2 mg prescribed or used for?

2 mg Abilify tablets can be prescribed for the following uses:

1)      As an initial dose for schizophrenia in adolescents

2)      As an initial dose for bipolar mania in pediatric patients via monotherapy (prescribed alone) or adjunct (prescribed along with) to Lithium or Valproate.

3)      As an initial dose for major depressive disorder in adults; typically in the form of an adjunct

4)      As an initial dose in pediatric patients for irritability associated with autistic disorder