Abilify Dosages

Abilify comes in 2mg, 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg and 30mg tablets , injectable solutions and oral solutions.

Abilify Dosage

Please note the following information is information only. You must speak with your doctor about your Abilify dosage. Do not use any of this information to change your current dosage of Abilify. Only your doctor can do that.

What is Abilify Dosage?

Abilify dosage is the amount of Abilify a patient would be taking on a predetermined schedule. Abilify is prescribed by your medical practitioner. They will determine the dosage of Abilify required to treat the symptoms you show.

Is there a typical dosage for Abilify?

No. Each patient could be given a different dosage of Abilify based on a number of symptoms and what the Abilify is used to treat.

Is there an optimal Abilify dose?

The optimal Abilify dose would vary from patient to patient, depending on a variety of factors. The dosage for Abilify is determined by your doctor.

Would my Abilify dosage stay the same?

Yes and No. Typically Abilify dosages are started in lower amounts and increased or reduced as required until the desired effect (reduction or elimination of symptoms) is achieved.

As well, if you are to stop your Abilify dosage, it would be done over time, slowly lowering the dosage of Abilify to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

*** Do not lower your dosage for Abilify without consulting with your doctor or you could experience withdrawal symptoms.

Can I change my daily Abilify dosage?

Yes, but only under the supervision of your doctor. You should never change your Abilify dose without your doctor’s direction.

What forms of Abilify dosing are available?

Abilify dosing can be taken in several formats:

a)      Injection with a needle into muscle (intramuscular)

b)      A solution you can drink

c)      A tablet form that you swallow

d)      A tablet form that melts in your mouth (Abilify Discmelt)

More information on specific Abilify dosing can be found by selecting any of the following Abilify dosages currently manufactured. Please select an Abilify dose below:

1)      Abilify 2 mg tablet

2)      Abilify 5 mg tablet

3)      Abilify 10 mg tablet

4)      Abilify 15 mg tablet

5)      Abilify 20 mg tablet

6)      Abilify 30 mg tablet

7)      Abilify Discmelt (orally disintegrating) 10 mg tablet

8)      Abilify Discmelt (orally disintegrating) 15 mg tablet

9)      Abilify Oral Solution 1mg/1ml (150 ml)

10)    Abilify Injection 9.75 mg/1.3ml

There are currently no other dosages of Abilify available than the ones shown above.