About Abilify

Abilify is a brand name for generic Aripiprazole. Abilify Aripiprazole is a prescription medication classified as an “anti-psychotic” drug.

Please note: this page contains very simplified explanations about Abilify, what is Abilify, and how Abilify works. For more detailed information about Abilify, we suggest you speak directly with your doctor.


How Abilify works

In the human body, the central nervous system controls our thoughts, emotions, actions etc. by using chemicals known as “neurotransmitters.”

Neurotransmitters use nerve cells known as “neurons” to move between different areas of our brain.

Parts of these neurons are known as “receptors” and the action of chemicals (neurotransmitters) on these receptors have an influence on muscle movement, memory, appetite, emotion, temperature regulation and so much more.

In cases of depression, it’s believed there‘s an overall lack of chemicals (neurotransmitters) present in the central nervous system. Basically, anti-depressant medications help to increase levels of certain chemicals to reduce the symptoms of depression.

With schizophrenia, it’s believed there is too much dopamine (a type of chemical/neurotransmitter) activity in an important area of our central nervous system, the “mesolimbic pathway.”

Abilify can affect chemical reactions in the central nervous system.

Too much dopamine can cause schizophrenic symptoms. There are two types of symptoms; positive and negative. Positive symptoms can include thought disorders, delusions and hallucinations. Negative symptoms can are noted by attention deficit, slowed thoughts, slowed speech, reduced ability to express emotion, lack of social interest and reduction of motivation.


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